Tarot Readings // 15 Minutes

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Madame Ja offers 15 minute Tarot Readings to assist you in getting the answers you need to move forward and succeed. During such readings, the Tarot deck is shuffled and the cards laid out for interpretation and the communication of spiritual impressions. Through such interpretations and impressions she will assist you in getting answers to your questions, as well as help illuminate and resolve any issues that motivated you to seek a reading. The structure of the reading and the subject matter is determined by you, beforehand, or if you wish, it may simply take shape as the reading progresses, allowing whatever information that needs to be shared to surface.

Still trying to decide whether you should book a Tarot Reading as opposed to a Bone Reading? The following information may be of help. It has been Madame Ja's experience that, due to the free-form nature of a Bone Reading, it is sometimes easier to find answers that are hidden, than what your standard Tarot Reading will typically provide. In addition, Bone Readings are both more holistic and provide greater detail and/or depth than a Tarot Reading. If you have any questions about this service, please email or call and ask before ordering. Thank you!

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