About Black Cat Curios


At the crossroads of natural and supernatural™ stands Black Cat Curios. Herein, you will find authentic and traditional spiritual goods to support and remediate all manner of life's challenges. Each product I make is created utilizing recipes that have been developed over lifetimes and are formulated to be both powerful and effective. I use only the best ingredients for the best results—roots, herbs, essential oils, therapeutic salts, symbolic curios—and if Spirit says a certain oil needs some shimmer, then it gets some shimmer!


I grew up in Texas, Indiana, Ohio, and Arizona. My grandmother and great-grandmother were gifted seers/practitioners who hailed from the tobacco fields of North Carolina. As an adult, I can now identify all of the other workers who surrounded me in my formative years; I learned from them, as well. And if dreams are to be believed, I am not only gifted for this work, but also anointed. I have 25+ years of dedicated practice/study in North American Folk Magic, European Witchcraft, Herbology, Osteomancy, Tarot, Reiki, and Feng Shui. I do not hesitate to draw on other modalities or traditions, as needed. I am ever-learning and ever-evolving.

My Ancestor altar sits behind me as I work. In this way, they literally and spiritually have my back. They and other allies guide me through the creation and execution of all that I do. As they are a part of me, I am also an extension of them in this world and this work. My store is a way in which I honor them. As I am like my Ancestors, my products are like me—much more than expected, intense, commanding, and creative.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Feet,

Madame Ja (AKA Laura Hair)
Proprietor & Practitioner
Black Cat Curios

Madame Ja