Chicken Foot - Prepared

  • Model: LC-ZZCHKFEE


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The chicken foot is used to protect people and places from all manner of evil and to offer safety of your person and possessions as you go about your business. Chickens are said to have the ability to sense evil and have long been employed by rootworkers to "scratch up" tricks laid in the yard. In a similar way, chicken feet can be used to eliminate negativity when scratched down and away from the body, thus cleansing it of spiritual gunk and other unwanted influences. They may also be used for offensive work, as chicken feet are said to "scratch out" the eyes of those who would oppose you. Hang them around your neck, on your front door, above your altar, or car rear view mirror when you want some extra protection from evil entities and thieves. Feet are painted black with colored nails. One foot comes in a package.