Adam + Eve "Roots" With Red Flannel Bag

  • Model: LC-HWADMEVE


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This listing features one Adam (a Balm of Gilead Bud) and one Eve (a Lotus Seed) along with a red flannel mojo bag for carrying. Since the real things (the conjoined roots of the Salep plant, aka Putty Root Orchid) are nearly impossible to obtain, spiritual merchants have adopted these "roots" as readily-available replacements. "Roots" are carried together to draw a new love, reunite and bring lovers closer, and to keep marriages and other romantic pairings faithful and strong.

Same-sex pairings of these "roots" are also available as a variation; please indicate your preference in the checkout notes.

NOTE: Let me be perfectly clear about this; anyone who is selling these items and trying to pass them off as the actual roots of the Putty Root Orchid/ Salep plant, is either a fraud or doesn't know what the hell they are selling.