Road Opener Conjure Powder

  • Model: LC-PSROADOP


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This powder is especially formulated to open the road for you to get to where you want to go and have what you want to have! Draw new opportunities, fortunate circumstances, alternate courses of action, and an clear path to connect with them. Smooth any wrinkles that are outstanding. Eliminate delays and false-starts and engage with the flow of manifestation. This powder also addresses mental barriers like writer's block, indecision, apathy, and self-defeating behaviors that can keep you stuck in a holding pattern. Even if you can't see a way ahead, leave the details to the powder. Soon the way through will be easy and obvious! Contains real Abre Camino, Eupatorium villosum, plant (as it should).

Each glass, screw-top bottle contains 1 oz. of our specially-formulated conjure powder.