Fire Of Desire Conjure Powder

  • Model: LC-PSFIREOF


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Are you and your partner experiencing a lack in the sack? Got no zing, so it's on to the next thing? Well, Madame Ja has been there, done that, and her Fire of Desire Conjure Powder is gonna light it up for you, too. Rekindle that dormant spark of a libido! Have that kind of "walk across the floor like a water spider" sex that you used to have! Is the issue that you're single? Well, you too can participate because Fire of Desire Conjure Powder used with the appropriate intent, will also draw partners, new and old, for sexy fun times! Get the one you want, when you want them, and staying for breakfast if that's what you desire!

Come one, come all! <wink> Get your Fire of Desire Conjure Powder today!

Each glass, screw-top bottle contains 1 oz. of our specially-formulated conjure powder.