Court Case Shoe Shake

  • Model: LC-SSCOURTC


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Sprinkle in your shoes to help to bring about the successful conclusion of situations involving a court of law or arbitration. Shake in your shoes or somebody else's to bring about desired results.

Who can't use a little help in the courtroom? Why leave anything to chance? Whether your issue involves a lawsuit, dispute, an arbitration, bankruptcy, divorce, or other proceeding, make sure things go your way!

No matter your position in the suit – the one being sued or the one doing the suing – proceed with confidence when you use our Court Case Shoe Shake. Specially formulated to influence the judge, jury, your legal representation, and even your opponents, to be empathetic to your cause, see things your way, and rule in your favor!

Each shaker bottle contains 5 oz. of this specially-formulated shoe dressing.

Please note that the content and/or the product displayed are not intended to be a substitute for appropriate legal advice or law enforcement assistance and protection.