Your Custom Mojo

  • Model: LC-MHUNAMET


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Just tell us what you want and Madame Ja will create a custom-made mojo tailored to you specific needs and desires.

Mojos, a.k.a "hands," "tobies," or "trick bags" are little drawstring bags of conjure – assembled to accomplish a specific task and then worked with like a trusted friend for the attainment of your goals. They are usually larger than gris gris, and can be opened for the addition of your personal concerns and other desired items.

All of Madame Ja's mojos are created with intention-accurate herbs, roots, dirts, minerals, crystals, powders, and other symbolic items. Because they are handcrafted and traditional, no two are entirely alike, differing slightly in size as well as presentation, with fabrics and decorations sometimes varying from those pictured. In addition, each mojo comes to you spiritually charged and with complete instructions for the proper activation and care of your new, supernatural ally.

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