Fire of Desire Flame On Gris-Gris

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Are you and your partner experiencing a lack in the sack? Got no zing, so it's on to the next thing? Well, Madame Ja has been there, done that, and her Fire of Desire Flame On Gris-Gris is gonna light it up for you, too. Rekindle that dormant spark of a libido! Have that kind of "walk across the floor like a water spider" sex that you used to have!

Is the issue that you're single? Well, you too can participate because a Fire of Desire Flame On Gris-Gris, worked with the appropriate intent, will also draw partners, new and old, for sexy fun times! Get the one you want, when you want them, and staying for breakfast if that's what you desire!

Mini but most mighty, gris-gris, a.k.a "gree grees," are constructed from cloth squares, drawn up and together, tied-off, and are not meant to be opened. While they may be less work to make than a mojo, they are, by no means, less effective. Modest and readily concealed, they can be comfortably tucked away in a pocket or pinned to your bra without creating a large, attention-drawing lump, allowing you to go about your business, discretely.

Created with intention-accurate herbs, roots, dirts, minerals, crystals, powders, and other symbolic items, gris-gris come pre-assembled and do not require the inclusion of your personal concerns. Because they are handcrafted and traditional, no two are entirely alike, differing slightly in size as well as presentation, with fabrics and decorations sometimes varying from those pictured. In addition, each gris-gris comes to you spiritually charged and with complete instructions for the proper activation and care of your new, supernatural ally.

Madame Ja's suggested conjure oils/powders to keep your gris-gris working effectively are: Fire of Desire, Double Venus, or Double Mars.

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