Bath & Body


What's more refreshing and relaxing than a bath? What could be easier than bathing and conjuring at the same time?

It is precisely for this reason that I have taken the finest ingredients – a combination of therapeutic salts, intention-specific botanicals, and my signature spiritual oils to create a line of conjure-ready bath crystals. Now, there are many people making bath crystals out there, but what sets mine apart is the separation of the scented crystals and the herbal additions. So, you can choose to place the herbal components in your bath, or not, because the crystals will do the job on their own. You can then choose to use the herbs some other way; to dress a candle, add to a mojo, add to your wash water, whatever you like!

However, if bath crystals aren't your thing, I also offer herbal bath teas – hand-selected combinations of herbs and roots that take all of the guesswork out of spiritual bathing. Brewing up a bath is just as easy as making a pot of tea!

My shoe shakes are made with only the highest-quality ingredients, as well. Sprinkle them in your shoes or somebody else's. Use them to reinforce the effects of our other products or use them on their own.

Whatever form of our magical bath and body products you prefer, you will be delighted with the quality and thrilled with the results!

Please practice discretion when using these products. A skin patch test is always the best way to ensure the only reactions you get are the ones you want!