Altar Candle Services/Setting Lights

  • Model: BC-SSALTCAN
  • Manufactured by: Black Cat Curios

The simple and traditional spiritual practice of "Setting Lights" can be utilized to tackle issues both great and small. When one "sets a light" on something, it means that they have put the powers of candle flame and intention to work for them.

The setting of a light on your behalf is an excellent way to begin work on most issues. This convenient service has us doing the work for you. We specially select and "fix" your candle, place it upon our spiritual altar with your petition, and then pray over it daily until the burn is concluded (anywhere between three and seven days). During the burn, we check on your candle and make notes on how it is progressing, and once the candle is extinguished, a final interpretation of the burn is made, and a report is sent to you.

Utilizing this service saves time, and eliminates any restrictions you may have with regard to your environment, schedule, or need for the work to remain private or secret.

  • Cost for this service is $20.00 with the purchase of a figural or vigil candle.
  • All candles are fixed and prayed over with intention-appropriate ingredients and prayers.
  • This service requires a petition from you stating your desired goal for the work.
  • It would help the work a great deal if you could also supply the full names, birth dates, and a picture of each of the people involved.
  • Cost includes pictures of the finished candle and a burn interpretation emailed to you.

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