Spiritual Baths

Bath Crystals, Bath Bombs, and Herbal Bath Teas for All of Your Spiritual Needs

Our Legendary Conjure brand bath products are made with traditional roots, herbs, essential oils, and mineral ingredients. Use them to achieve a specific objective (for example: to draw money) or for a soothing soak. Bath crystals may also be dissolved in water for floor washing, sprinkled on the carpet and then vacuumed, or added to the laundry rinse cycle.

Our Legendary Conjure brand bath bombs are formulated to dissolve quickly and completely in your bath water -- gently bubbling up and infusing it with traditional goodness without any need for cleanup. Each 6 oz. box of bath bombs provides enough bombs for three baths.

All of our bath crystal formulas come in three different sizes — 2 oz. single bath packets, 6 oz. multi-bath boxes, and 16 oz. bags. Each two ounce bag of bath crystals provides enough product for one or more baths. Each six ounce box of bath crystals provides enough product for three or more baths. Each sixteen ounce bag provides enough product for eight or more baths — a square of muslin cloth and a length of ribbon are provided to contain excess herbal ingredients. Once baths are completed, said cloth may be carried as a prayer cloth, fashioned into a gris-gris or mojo, or utilized in some other spiritual working. Just specify in the "Order Comments" section of the checkout what bath crystal formula you prefer when buying anything other than single bath packets.

Our Legendary Conjure brand herbal bath teas are a combination of traditional botanicals and essential oils. Each 1 oz. bag of herbal bath creates enough "tea" for three days of baths.

Those with sensitive skin/allergies should introduce the use of our bath products slowly, until it is obvious a reaction to said product will not be an issue, or refrain from using said products entirely. Please use discretion.

Items that are specifically formulated for floors and carpets may be found under the   Feet & Floors   section of our site.