Gris-Gris, a.k.a "gree-grees," are like mojos, but are constructed differently. Our Legendary Conjure brand gris-gris include only authentic botanical and zoological curios and intention-specific symbolic objects. As a rule, we do not personalize gris-gris, although they can be worked just like a mojo bag. If you do not want to send in your personal concerns for the construction of a mojo bag, then we suggest you purchase a gris-gris instead.

Gris-Gris and mojos are available in just mineral and herb combinations (with no zoological curios). Please specify "Vegan" in the "Order Comments" section of the checkout process if you would like a mineral and herb only gris-gris or mojo.

Please be aware that all of our gris-gris, mojos, and packets come completely assembled and according to tradition, should not be opened.

Each gris-gris, mojo, and packet includes one 1/2 oz. bottle of appropriate dressing oil and instructions for consecration and usage.

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