Candles & More

Candles, Dressing Blends, and Lamps for All of Your Workings

We offer a large variety of glass-encased vigil candles in variety of colors, with labels or without. All of our labeled, glass-encased vigil candles are dressed with appropriate herbs and oils, and are consecrated before shipment. They will arrive with a protective plastic covering to prevent spillage. There is no extra charge for this preparation. Please specify in the "Order Comments" section of your order if this is not what you desire.

Please note that our selection of Saint Vigils may be found in our "Religious" area of the site. They too come already dressed and consecrated for use.

We also offer a wide variety of formed candles -- figural, jumbos, offertory, votives, tea lights, and rolled beeswax. You may want to use figurals for symbolic emphasis when working an issue, and jumbos, offertories, votives, and tea lights when working for a particular length of time, when making offerings, or when working in a specific fashion. Rolled beeswax candles are eco-friendly and easily allow for dressing or the addition of other items.

We are happy to dress and consecrate any of our plain vigils, figural, jumbo stick, and rolled beeswax candles for the additional charge of $3.00 per each candle. Please see Candle Dressing and Fixing to add this additional preparation to your cart. Please specify in the "Order Comments" section of your order which candle/s you would like dressed.

In the event that a high level of discretion is required, and you are unable to burn candles on your premises, we also offer altar candle services for the additional fee of $20.00 a candle. Altar services include the setting of a light with your petition and any additional items (photos or personal concerns), praying over the candle daily on your behalf, and interpreting the burn. Burn interpretations will be delivered in the form of a photograph of the finished burn and a printed report that are mailed/emailed to you after the completion of the burn. Kindly call or email us if you would like to arrange for altar services.

We also offer a fine selection of specialty oil lamps. Oil lamps were the method "way-back-when." Many practitioners still employ oil lamps when there's a need to work an issue consistently and continuously, or to force conditions within a situation to move more quickly, a.k.a "heating it up." Each lamp is assembled with goal-specific symbolic items, herbs, and minerals. Each lamp comes with instructions on how to use it.