About Black Cat Curios

The original store, Black Cat Hoodoo, was founded in 2004 with the same personal objectives as we have today: to continue the journey along a path that was established by our ancestors, to assist others with the knowledge we have and the power with which we are connected, and to provide an outlet for our spiritual, creative, and marketing instincts.

In 2015, we decided that a name change was in order, and that we would differentiate our product line name from our store name, conducting business as Black Cat Curios and referring to our product line as Legendary Conjure.

Whatever the name, the goal has always been the same – to assist our clients in meeting their goals, whether that be turning them on to a particular product, offering tips on usage, or providing insightful and discreet spiritual services.

It is important to us that what we are making and selling is both authentic and effective. Our Legendary Conjure products are made with this in mind. All of our baths, washes, oils, incenses, and sachet powders are handmade, inhouse from recipes that have been passed down to us or developed through the years. We do not like to use synthetics, so our stuff may not smell as pretty as those offered by other vendors; however, we will say that the ingredients of our products are both natural and condition correct.

We also follow traditional correspondences and timing with regards to the manufacturing of our products to ensure that they are as effective and in keeping with their specific intentions as they can be. Yes, that may sometimes mean that it will take a little longer to prepare your order, but it also allows us extra time to mind the details and ensure quality control. We always want you to feel as though you got from us what you paid for – a quality product or service. It's just the way we do what we do.

Please let us know how we can help; we look forward to working with you!

Love, Peace, and Chicken Feet,

Pythia L'Angelle

Love, Peace, and Chicken Feet