Rich Bitch Self-Lighting Incense



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As the name suggests, this incense is made to draw money and all manner of financial benefits, as well as help you hang onto the money you already have. Nail that promotion you've had your eye on and get that raise! Get a bigger settlement than you expected and more money than you asked for! Draw additional customers to your business and encourage them to spend beyond what they had planned. You'll make smarter financial decisions and strike better deals. The money you do spend will achieve the most for you and will return to you again and again! (If you rely on tips for a living, like many of our customers do, then you really need this money magnet working for you!) Make 'em green with envy when you are gettin' green with cash!

Using this incense is simplicity itself. Start with a shallow heat-proof dish or incense burner lined with sand, salt, or ash. Simply spoon a bit of the incense onto a lit and primed charcoal disk, and allow the smoke to rise and expand in the space, repeating as needed. Alternately, form a spoonful into a small, pointed mound or cone in the bottom of the dish, light the tip, blow it out, and allow it to continue to fill the area with smoke and magical intention. Follow with earnest prayer and petitioning, knowing that your hopes and desires will be carried to those who can help.

Does not contain saltpeter. Herbs, woods, and resins, only.

Each packet holds approximately five tablespoons of incense powder, thus allowing for numerous burns and billows of powerful smoke.