Peaceful Home Carpet Sprinkle

  • Model: LC-CSPEACEH


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Give your floor some spice! "Home is where the heart is." "There's no place like home." How true! Unless, of course, home is not the palace of peace it is supposed to be.

Are your kids fighting non-stop? Is everyone getting on each other's nerves? Are you and your Significant Other taking turns sleeping on the couch? Are the bills piling up and there's no money to get out and enjoy yourselves as a couple or as a family? Well, Madame Ja has just the ticket to alleviate the tension and disconnectedness! Our Peaceful Home Floor Spice Carpet Sprinkles soothe and mellow family member relations, ensure a steady household income, and allow everyone to find the relaxation they need at home. This product is used for creating a peaceful home environment, so utilize it after you have used a spiritual cleansing product like Chinese Wash or Van Van.

Sprinkle on your home or business' carpet or floor, wait an hour, and then vacuum or sweep up.

Each shaker bottle contains five oz. of floor spice.

Please note that the content and/or the product displayed are not intended to be a substitute for appropriate law enforcement or crisis prevention assistance and protection.