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Vesta Powder derives its name from the Roman Goddess of the Hearth, Vesta. The hearth being the source of fire in the home, as one might imagine, Vesta Powder is highly flammable and should be used with the utmost caution and attention.

Vesta Powder can be utilized in spell work to add power, provide protection, aid in jinx-breaking, block-busting, or road opening, and to accelerate results.

In addition, Vesta Powder is often burned in rituals of banishment and exorcism. It's not meant to clean or calm so much as it is intended to uproot and evict unwanted energies, spirits, and other negative and reluctant-to-leave attachments. It chases the creepies away and does so with a violent and intense flash, hence its alternate names, "Chasing Powder" and "Flash Powder."

We suggest that Vesta Powder be used in quantities no larger than a half teaspoon at a time, applying only one measure per room, within all rooms of the living space. The burning of Vesta Powder should be accompanied by prayers of banishment or exorcism, performed in a forceful and commanding tone. Windows and doors should be open to facilitate entity departure and provide adequate ventilation. All pets, children, and other people should be removed from the area so as not to inhale any noxious fumes or be set upon by stubborn and hostile entities.

1 oz. of Vesta Powder comes in each re-closable plastic bag.

HANDLE WITH EXTREME CAUTION! KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN, PETS, AND FLAMES! USE ONLY IN WELL-VENTILATED AREAS! Proper fire-safety and health-safety precautions need to be employed at all times. Vesta Powder is volatile and unpredictable stuff; therefore, it needs to be treated with respect and appropriate planning. Appropriate planning would include testing the product in a fire-safe area, outside, before attempting to burn it inside of your home. Do not light Vesta Powder with a regular lighter because it will flare up and burn your hand, fireplace matches, a long incense stick, or a grill lighter are preferred. Always burn Vesta Powder away from flammable items such as clothes, plant material, paper, curtains and other furnishings. Always burn Vesta Powder in a fire-proof container, like a cauldron, incense burner, cast-iron skillet, or lined cookie sheet. Do not leave burning Vesta Powder unattended. Having a working fire-extinguisher standing by is not being too careful. The smoke and fumes from Vesta Powder should not be inhaled; use only in well-ventilated areas. USE THIS PRODUCT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Black Cat Curios will not be held responsible for any negative events or results incurred from the use of this product.