Lucky Green Money Drawing Rice

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Lucky Green Rice is said to have entered hoodoo through the influence of the Chinese, the same way Chinese Wash did. Rice, like all grains, symbolizes prosperity. So, rice that is dyed green, fixed with prosperity-drawing ingredients, and then charged on a money altar has really gotta be something, then! Well, it is!

Use our special recipe Lucky Green Rice to attract prosperity, ensure a continuous flow of money, and to increase gambling luck. Carry some in your wallet, put some in your mojo bag or in a prosperity jar, make a ring with it around your next Lottery Luck candle, keep a bowl of it by your front door or on your money altar, or put it in your pocket and shoes when you go gambling or to play Bingo!

Each worker has their own recipe for making Lucky Green Rice, and Madame Ja is no exception. First, she takes only the luckiest of rice grains and dyes them a vibrant green. Then she mixes them by hand with love and intention, wintergreen essential oil and vanilla extract, a blend of money-drawing powders, magnetic sand, oat straw, bayberry, grains of paradise, golden threads, and real shredded US money. Each bottle holds 1 oz. of Lucky Green Rice.

This Lucky Green Rice will flat get 'er done and then some! Don't hit the casino without it!